Our Research Trip to India to train a team for Mars Desert Research Station

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Training mission to Mumbai India

Chocolate Cake

Decadence in chocolate form, exquisite dark chocolate in every form


Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate layers of cake and mousse, covered in chocolate ganache


Raspberry Cake

Yellow cake with white frosting, topped with fresh raspberries


Lemon Pound

A modern spin on a all time classic, topped with fresh lemon curd


Fruit Tarts

Mixed Fruit

Tart shell, custard, strawberry, kiwi, blueberry, cherries, and apricot glaze


Mango Raspberry

Tart shell, custard, mango, raspberry, cherries, and apricot glaze


Kiwi Strawberry


Lemon Raspberry

Tart shell, custard, lemon, raspberry, cherries, and apricot glaze