Please donate to our space medicine research (Mission CPR). The time of the flight is TBD. The flight location will likely be Orlando, Florida.

Donate via PayPal

  Checks are accepted
  Checks should be written out to John Sczepaniak.
  Please mail your check to 6871 Eberhart St. San Diego CA 92115 USA
  Checks will be deposited in the order in which they are received

$10- Get a copy of the paper abstract and a thank you from one of the participants.

$25- Donate this amount or more and you will be added to the acknowledgements section in the paper. You will also get a personalized thank you from both flight participants and a mission CPR patch. [Zero G Patch Jpeg]

$100- Get a copy of the published paper and acknowledgement at the $100 level, personalized team thank you letter, mission CPR patch, and a thank you video. [Zero G Patch Jpeg]

If you would like to become part of the research or flight team please contact Dr. John Sczepaniak (USA). Your time and assistance will be greatly appreciated.

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