Scholarship Deadline is January 4th

We are looking for individuals that are willing to work hard in the areas of science, medicine, math and computer science. This scholarship is in memorial to Peter and Alan Sczepaniak who gave of themselves to help advance science and educate others. There hard work and devotion to God and family has blessed us all.

Early on

Alan Sczepaniak was a college and university professor in the field of electrical engineering. He also had a very long and successful career working for SPAWAR. My Father was always very helpful to anyone who wanted to learn and supportive of scientific projects.

Peter Sczepaniak completed his degree in computer science from San Diego State University and taught me so much about computers and how to use data in my medical research.


Please provide proof of enrollment at your University/College and GPA. Please type a brief description of your accomplishments and struggles. Let us know your future goals and the length of time it will take to complete your degree or certificate. Email requests to no later than 23:59 pacific standard time. Application does not guarantee selection or further communication.